First-Year Undergraduate Drawing Course Fall 2021: Reviewers’ Selection

December 13, 2021

The first-year undergraduate drawing course — Drawing Out the Architectural Imagination — ended the fall term on December 9 with final reviews and a virtual exhibition. 


“The students did amazing work,” said Émélie Desrochers-Turgeon, who taught the course with fellow contract instructors Isabel Potworowski and Marco Ianni. 


The reviewers selected the work shown here, based on compelling qualities, for group discussion during the reviews. 

The reviewers were: 


Interim Director Federica Goffi 

Professor Stephen Fai 

Associate Professor Johan Voordouw 

Associate Professor Lisa Moffitt 

Assistant Professor Piper Bernbaum 

Contract Instructor Rana Abughannam 

Contract Instructor Cailen Pybus 

PhD Candidate Kristin Washco 


The course is structured as eleven exercises in analog drawing and model-making to teach students about communicating ideas, the material origin of lines, thinking through making, engaging the body and senses, and “drawing-out” the architectural imagination. 


The teaching assistants for the class were Damiano Aiello, Jonathan Chung, Kaleigh Jeffrey, Petros Kapetanakis, Cameron Maiolo, and Dana Mastrangelo. 


The students prepared a curated panel of their best work of the semester. Those with a Figma account can view it here. 

Elisa Antunes
Raquel Azevedo
Kasper Barynin
Angelica Bradley
Danniel Cho Valado
Emalyn D’Aliesio
Jack Dawson
Jenna Deck
Borna H Bay
Joey Huang
Onyiuke Ikemefuna
Sasha Lapointe Lawless
Jason Luu
Nitike Mwangobola
Amos Stapper
Eva Tromp
Evelyn Wilson