Cailen Pybus

Contract Instructor

Cailen Pybus is an architectural designer, researcher, and instructor specialized in digital storytelling for cultural heritage. His recent collaborations include the VR project Parliament: The Virtual Experience (2019) with the National Film Board of Canada, and Marking Time in the Cormier Garden (2020) for the Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute. He teaches courses on digital representation at Carleton University and McGill University.


MArch (Post-Professional), Architectural History and Theory – McGill University, 2020

MArch – Carleton University, 2018

BSc, Architecture – McGill University, 2012


Pybus, Cailen. “Trace.” In La Cueillette | The Foray, edited by Noémie Fortin, Patricia Pérez Rabelo, Cailen Pybus, Christa Nemnom, Serena Desaulniers, and Johanne Sloan, 23–25. Exhibition Catalogues 3. Drummondville: Fondation Grantham, 2021.

Graham, Katie, Cailen Pybus, Nicolas Arellano, Joey Doherty, Lara Chow, Stephen Fai, and Tyler Grunt. “Defining Geometry Levels for Optimizing BIM for VR: Insights from Traditional Architectural Media.” Technology Architecture + Design 3, no. 2 (July 3, 2019): 234–44.

Pybus, Cailen. “Interpretation of Dublin Architectural Heritage for Digital Storytelling: A Case Study Using Scan Data, HBIM, and Game Engines.” Poster presented at the 27th CIPA International Symposium, Ottawa, Canada, August 21, 2017.