Exhibition: (Un)Common Workshops

September 22 – October 6, 2023

Image of exhibition in lightroom gallery. Framed photos are hung on a white wall, and two raised square block tables have contents on them including a wine bttle, wooden boxes, etc.

Date: Until Friday, October 6, 2023


Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Location: Lightroom Gallery, Architecture Building, Carleton University


Free and open to the public

This exhibition displays work by students from workshops during the last academic year that explored the relationship between architecture and literature, gastronomy, and music.


It was developed in parallel with the (Un)Common Precedents Agora II International Symposium to test the potential of three disciplines outside of architecture to inform the design process.


The music workshop was a week-long assignment for which first-year students made drawings as a hybrid between graphic musical scores and architectural spaces. It was taught by Instructor Isabel Potworowski and developed by Professor Federica Goffi, of ASAU, and Professor Jesse Stewart, head of Carleton University’s music department. At the conclusion of the conference, held in the Architecture Building, one of these scores was performed by a Carleton music student. The performance, Sounding the Precedent, is based on a drawing-score by student Nikki Sond. 

Bachelor of Architecture Studies Students featured: Salma Ibrahim | Vanessa Lei | Amelie Murphy | Navnoor Bahia | Gasali Abdul-Rahman | Achilla Hamilton | Sameer Patel | Monica Thompson | Morgan Brenner | Gabriel Normandeau | Leo Moon | Liam Bergeron | Nikki Sond | Nashia Williams | Casey Pantaleon | Eshum Mateen | Angela Crea | Shannelle de Croos

The gastronomy workshop was a semester-long assignment for the PhD “Daedalic exercises” class, taught by Associate Professor Sheryl Boyle. Students studied recipe books from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, and selected one recipe to remake. At the centre of this exercise is the concept of craft knowledge, working ‘with stuff’ rather than thinking ‘about stuff,’ and experimentation through making.


PhD Students featured: Simone Fallica | Michelle Liu 
MAS Student featured: Stephanie Murray 
MArch Students featured: Miriam Doyle | Mark Meneguzzi


The literature workshop was a two-week assignment as part of the fourth-year urbanism studio taught by Assistant Professor Suzy Harris-Brandts. Inspired by the design-research methods of Dr. Klaske Havik, students drew from author Margo Rejmer’s book, Mud Sweeter than Honey: Voices of Communist Albania, to better comprehend the protagonists of their project site in Tirana, Albania. These narratives were spatialized in large experiential collages.


Bachelor of Architecture Studies (Urbanism) Students featured: Amra Alagic | Anthony Papini | Arden Hamilton | Bryn Skippen | Doliba Durkin | Katherine Kolody | Lara Kurosky | Leah Dykstra | Marly Magharious | Mouhamad Jamili | Samantha Pennock | Simon Martignago | Will Loizides