(BAS) Urbanism and Conservation & Sustainability streams create videos highlighting the unique aspects of their respective programs

Both the BAS Urbanism and Conservation & Sustainability streams have created new videos outlining unique aspects of their respective programs.

The (BAS) Urbanism video series features information and opinions from faculty members and students including Ben Gianni, Catherine Bonier, Ozayr Saloojee, and Gonzalo Muñoz-Vera. The videos outline the reason for choosing the Urbanism Major and responds to the question: Why does urbanism matter? The videos also highlight the different aspects of the program and explore how the (BAS) Urbanism stream addresses the history and design of cities, as well as architectural and urban growth in the context of the larger global, ecological, sociotechnical, political and cultural systems. Along with these insights, prospective students also get a glimpse into the amazing Direct Studies Abroad program, which features student experiences from travel studios to Turkey, India and Chile.


Watch the entire video or find each part here:


Azrieli BAS Urbanism: Overview

Azrieli BAS Urbanism: Program

Azrieli BAS Urbanism: Direct Studies Abroad

Mariana Esponda, along with a number of undergraduate and graduate students, have also created a video outlining the amazing features of the (BAS) Conservation & Sustainability stream. In the video, the C&S stream is described as a program which teaches students how to adapt historical constructions with sustainable uses. Students will learn how to deal with existing buildings in a constantly changing context and will be able to contribute to a sustainable future through learning how to address the technical, theoretical and creative aspects of architecture. The videos also feature student testimonials about their experiences performing heritage research in places such as Mexico, Myanmar, Barcelona and Peru. As well as these travel opportunities, prospective students will also get to learn from world-class faculty such as Lyette Fortin, Natalia Escobar-Castrillion, Mario Santana-Quintero, Susan Ross and Steve Fai.