Author: Haotian Jiang

Bridging the Gap

Studio: ARCS 5106 – MArch Option Studio 2 – The Sixth Continent

Professor: Neil Spiller 

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

The sixth continent is a bridge constructed to accomodate two architects/artists’ lifestyles. Living arrangements include separate living quarters, VR visualization room, and a shared studio. El Lissitzky influences the structure by adding propagandistic features in order to attract and produce public interest. Dramatic geometric shapes and sharp colors induces strong visual impact. Ben Sweeting’s focus on Second-Order Cybernetics generates unique human experiences and responses while interacting and traversing through the bridge. Strong mechanical and industrial aesthetic forms physical foundations for the construction of the bridge. Together, Sweeting and Lissitzky depicts the harmony between spontaneous emotional responses versus choreographed experiential evolution.