Author: Nicholas Bava

New Game +

Studio: MArch Thesis

Advisor: Johan Voordouw

Year: 2020-2021

Project Description

This thesis connects architectural theories of virtual realities with the representation and experience of game space. It asks how architectural theory of the virtual can be better perceived and felt using the medium of video games, specifically representations of game space and the experience of playing within them. Game mechanics were understood along with a study of video game precedent to facilitate the creation of three game levels. During each level, and as part of the progress from one to another, the player can learn the mechanics of the game levels. Initial concepts of the levels experience are designed to change in the final level, challenging and illustrating how representation in the virtual context along with experience need not conform to notions of actual space. Even though the space is not actual, nor follows actual logic, it is still able to be perceived by the player as a reality.