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Scott Bucking

Associate Professor

Scott Bucking is an Associate Professor at the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He holds a PhD in Building Engineering from Concordia University. Bucking’s research pertains to energy modelling and sustainable building practices, with an emphasis on the integrated and sustainable community design. He develops tools and technologies which enable the development of net-zero energy communities. His research interests include: a) optimization of net-zero community design, b) development of building integrated photovoltaic technologies, c) community rendering using video game engines, and d) building information model development to improve the interoperability of tools and better manage community assets throughout the entire building life-cycle. Recently, he led a group of architecture and engineering students to build the Northern Nomad, a net-zero, tiny house that stands near the Bronson Avenue entrance to campus.


PhD Building Engineering – Concordia University

MEng Building Engineering – Concordia University

BEng Engineering Physics – Carleton University