InterViews/listen: Episode 8 explores architectural education and research in Slovakia

May 18, 2022

Photo Credit: Matej Kováč

The InterViews/listen podcast series, presented by the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, surveys doctoral programs and research approaches worldwide, documenting the range of research in architecture, urbanism, conservation, and design research. 


InterVIEW/LISTEN 8 features Dr. Henrieta Moravčíková. She is the director of the Department of Architecture at the Institute of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. She is also a professor in the faculty of architecture at the Slovak University of Technology (STU) and chair of the Slovak working party of DOCOMOMO Slovakia. 


In the interview, she discusses her role as director and some of the key initiatives she undertook in the architecture program. 


Here are two links to the podcast:

In the second part of the interview, Moravčíková offered insights into her research, addressing questions on two of her books: Modern and/or Totalitarian Architecture of the 20th Century in Slovakia (Slovart 2013) and Bratislava (Un)Planned City (Slovart 2021).  She also wrote the editorial of A&U – Architektúra & Urbanizmus, the JOURNAL OF ARCHITECTURAL AND TOWN-PLANNING THEORY (Volume LIV 1-2/2020) (Un)Planned City with Peter Szalay. 


In consideration of how historical cities often resist a complete re-writing, she discussed whether the incompletion and fragmentation of Bratislava is a beneficial quality in its urban development or something that has prevented positive change at particular time junctures. 

The podcast series is a project of the C R | P T | Collaborative, formed by PhD candidates, PhD students, post-professional master’s students, and faculty at the ASAU. 


The interviewers, in order of participation: 

Dr. Federica Goffi, CRIPTIC Chair and PhD & MAS Program Co-Chair 

Isabel Potworowski, PhD Student  

Stephanie Murray, MAS Student  

Yu Zhen, PhD Student  


The podcast series continues the research agenda of Dr. Federica Goffi’s book Inter-VIEWS: Insight and Introspection in Doctoral Research in Architecture, published in 2020 by Routledge.