Paul Kariouk’s firm wins two Wood Design & Building Awards

March 9, 2022

Two projects by Kariouk Architects have been recognized with a Wood Design & Building Award. Selected annually by Wood Design & Building magazine, the awards celebrate the best of wood design and architecture in commercial, institutional, and residential construction.  

Founded by Azrieli School Associate Professor Paul Kariouk, the firm believes that no work of real architecture comes from a formula. Instead, it must be grounded in fluid, rigorous, incremental explorations informed by in-depth personal dialogue with clients. 

Merit Award  

m.o.r.e. Cabin 

Wakefield, QC 

The m.o.r.e. Cabin touches the land lightly, engaging flora and fauna as equal partners and tenants.  


Through a separation from the landscape that is much more sustainably constructed than other cottages, m.o.r.e. Cabin inverts the idea that buildings which appear to be one with the land make less of an impact on the environment. This intention to unravel eco-fictions is not one of cynicism, but rather responsible optimism. While all organic environments continue to be degraded, what remains can be engaged more responsibly. 


Learn more about the project here. 

Canadian Wood Council Award  

Forest Retreat 

Caledon, ON

To avoid cutting trees, the home was placed on an existing cleared ridge overlooking a wildflower meadow. The long, tent-like roof and its ridge beam became the design’s primary focus, shaping the circulation path through the home’s interior, ultimately extending a view toward the forest.  

The home is heated and cooled via a geothermal unit with summer solar gain reduced by significant roof overhangs. The glass walls are triple-pane, and high-efficiency fixtures and equipment for the well and septic system help reduce the home’s environmental impact. 


Historically, the Canadian identity has been defined by our relationship to the land. Fulfilling the client’s mandate, the home honours that emotional connection through visual and material harmonization with its surroundings. 


Learn more about the project here. 

About Wood Design & Building Awards

The awards program recognizes and celebrates the outstanding work of visionaries around the world who achieve excellence in wood architecture. Watch this video from the Canadian Wood Council to learn more about this year’s Wood Design & Building Award winners.