Hands-on Architecture Continues During Pandemic

Robin Papp - Photo: Chris Roussakis
Sinan Husic - Photo: Chris Roussakis

The Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism has found ways for students to continue in-person work during the pandemic safely, reports Carleton University writer Dan Rubinstein.

He describes the school’s efforts, activities, and research in an article,

Hands-On Architecture: Carleton Students Back in the Lab Investigating Sustainable Building Materialwith photos by Chris Roussakis

For example, thesis students Robin Papp and Sinan Husic are completing master’s research into sustainable building materials at the school’s CSALT Lab.

Papp works with hemp biomass, water and lime to create “hempcrete,” a material that can be used as a more environmentally friendly insulation. Husic works with cement, sand, fibres, plasticizers and water to experiment with new methods of making low-carbon concrete.  

“Hands-on learning provides an entirely different way of knowing something, which is vital for architecture,” says Associate Professor Sheryl Boyle, who supervises Papp and Husic and secured the MITACS grants that fund their research partnerships with Hurd Solutions and the Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute.

Also in the lab, recent graduate Jesse Bird is working on a building material made from recovered paper and cardboard.

Meanwhile, Digital Craft Technician Steve MacLeod has built a take-out window for contactless service to support students working at home who need services from the Fab Lab, such as laser cutting and 3-D printing or to borrow audio-visual equipment.

And, during the winter semester, students will be allowed back into the Pit for Associate Professor Yvan Cazabon’s Theatre Production Workshop. 


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Steve MacLeod - Photo: Chris Roussakis