Author: Alexandra Fajardo

Nola Blue Carbon Project: Regenerative Placemaking for the Community by the Community

Studio: ARCU 4304 – Urbanism Studio 4

Professors: Aron Chang and Ana Orosco

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

NOLA Blue Carbon Project aims to restore natural wetland ecosystems through solution decentralization and regenerative placemaking for the community by the community to progressively create strong and resilient communities that have agency over third space land use. The focus is on eco-diversity, one that includes native plant species, animal species, and social inclusion. It will be achieved through community integration, leadership, and project inclusion that ultimately aims to empower the individual through community building. Suburban typologies are prominent in North America and land-rich countries. They are well known to increase social isolation and have larger ecological footprints due to travel distance. This project asks what if ecologicaland community resilience efforts are focused on s uburban typologies inhabited by vulnerable communities and ecosystems. Can we change land ownership patterns to land stewardship patterns through community enhancement efforts? Can/are suburban residents become land stewards and proactive resilience agents? Will they see economical, social, and personal benefits from communal and land stewardship? The project takes place in The Lower Ninth Ward. It is a 3-phase project that begins with the creation of eco-diverse and pro-resilience replicable systems. Then, focuses on replication, public application, and incentivization. Finally, the goal is to create an interconnected infrastructure and increase the adoption of successful regenerative systems.