Author: Federico Lacasia

Utopian Solutions for Dystopian Problems: The Absurdity of Housing

Studio: ARCS 4107 – Studio 7

Professor: Johan Voordouw

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

After news of housing emergencies during the covid-19 pandemic, this project explores the nuances, complications, and absurdities connected with the housing crisis through a conceptual emergency housing solution. Pitched as an easy to assemble modular design that could be placed anywhere in the world, this
project takes a controversial turn through its presentation. Showing how the structure would work, the student places them in one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Montreal as an example, holding public spaces hostage as collateral for lack of housing. Inspired by the continuing European Migrant Crisis, this project uses visibility instead of access to amenities and services to create a sense of urgency in a temporary solution. The renders were designed to be highly stylized and jarring to create a sense of cognitive dissonance to those who view them and to challenge the beliefs of housing for all with the lack of significant action that surrounds it. This project was a conceptual one and one that seeks to show contrast in the standards of living we deem acceptable.