Author: Gerald Rafael-White

A Collaborative Weave

Studio: ARCS 3107 – Studio 5

Professor: Manuel Baez 

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

The Bauhaus of Then brought together contemporary industry, infrastructure, technology, and traditional forms of art to create a school of design to ‘cure’ the ailments of pre-modernized cities. The Bauhaus of the Now and Future must seek to do the same with our equivalent, if not more dire, circumstances. In particular, the impending irreversible deterioration of the environment, as a consequence of human actions. The Bauhaus of Now collaboratively weaves elements of the existing landscape and ecology with the intention of shaping the Bauhaus of the Future. The site has been left as a part of a greater network of rehabilitation meadows that will attract pollinators to the site. Such pollinators will service the experimental farming plots and greenhouses, exhibiting a symbiotic approach to agriculture. A versatile fabric of glulam is made possible via the understood principles of traditional steel/ wood construction and weaving. The structure springs out of the workshops of traditional and contemporary forms of craft to create a space that facilitates and encourages collaboration between the two. The versatility of the space extends outward, where it can transform in response to the needs of the students and programs of the Bauhaus of the Now and Future.