Author: Damiano Perella

City of Pat(c)h: The City and the City

Studio: ARCS 3107 – Studio 5

Professor: Roger Connah

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

Storytelling is a collaborative process, one that requires a storyteller and an audience. Each party performs a specific duty to allow stories to be shared, the former reveals their personal and intimate identity while the latter receives, understands, and interprets. Although storytelling is collaborative, each individual process is a personal enterprise. In Kozhikode, many stories come from the history of colonialism. Colonialism fundamentally shaped this area of India. The Portuguese rule brought many new ideologies and forms. Notably, the brick was an imported idea. Colonizers tend to ignore cultural differences. This project aims to celebrate the heterogenous culture that was a result of this harsh maltreatment. Consequently, this area of India is rich in cultural differences, bringing about unique situations that arise from the convergence of local community members. The City of Pat(c)h replicates the enterprise of storytelling in its collaboration, cyclical progression, and personal humility. The building materials are locally sourced, the site of removal acting as a quarry and later the terminus of progression through the site.