Author: Freya Xiao

Lisbon Wine Experience Centre

Studio: ARCS 3107 – Studio 5

Professor: Honorata Pienkowska

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

West and north of the city of Lisbon, the Lisboa wine region was until recently known as Estremadura. A lot of wine is made here, much of it in co-operatives, in a very wide variety of styles and qualities. This region where the “vinho regional” Lisboa is predominant also has nine DOC. Fresh sea breezes keep the windmills turning in this charming, hilly coastal region to the west and north of Lisbon. They also keep the vineyards cool, especially on the seaward side. The Vinho Regional Lisboa area has more DOCs than any other Vinho Regional area of Portugal: a total of nine, of which one is for aguardente (brandy) rather than wine. Many excellent wines are also sold as Vinho Regional Lisboa. There are a growing number of private wine estates, but a great many small-scale producers deliver their grapes to large co-operatives. The region makes a lot of inexpensive quaffing wine, known as vinho da mesa. Humidity and mild Mediterranean climate give grapes sweetness and fragrance. Lisbon’s territory makes it perfect for bright, juicy and fruity wines. Every grape variety responds differently to it. Grape is fresh, healthy, sweet, and sour sometimes. When grape is transformed into the wine, those characteristics are enlarged. People drink wine when there has something positive or negative happens in our life. It’s a way to express our feeling, and wine makes those sensitive feelings and emotion enlarge whatever it’s happy or sad. We share it with our families, friends or drink it along. The transformation of grape from solid to liquid makes this elements alive. The building and environment that create are aiming to function as wine, to trace and enlarge the happiness, enjoyment, and delightful experience in Lisbon. The mild weather, salty breezes from the sea, colorful architecture, delicious food, sweet grapes, and elegant wine. These memories are intangible, but beautiful and unforgettable.