Author: Kiana Ye


Studio: ARCS 2106 – Studio 3

Professor: Phuong Tram Nguyen 

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

This project is located at 900 Albert St in Ottawa. It’s near the city centre and Bayview

The giant site contains special wood history about the storage of wood on the river. This project combines the beauty of wood and possibilities of environmental protection. People will have a special experience when they walk through the forest of columns and wood arches. The buildings contain big maker spaces like woodshop, electronic shop and sewing shop will gather people who love handcrafts. The open program in this project is a wood store. It cooperates with a woodshop near it. People can purchase the wood or they can exchange the wasted wood. It’s a place that avoids the waste of materials. People are free to share leftover wood and disused materials.

This project focused on the relationship between humans and nature. Nowadays, global warming is a big problem we all faced. The purpose of planting is to resist CO2. The little forest in this project is also really environmentally friendly and contributes greenery to the environment.