Author: Sara Henry

Dynamic Solarium

Studio: ARCS 2106 – Studio 3

Professors: Phuong-Trâm Nguyen & Suzanne Harris-Brandts 

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

This proposal focuses on human interactions with the sun physically and architecturally. The building’s shape is inspired by a sun dial and the sun’s progression throughout the day. The building’s circulation and functionality interact with the sun’s natural pathways.

The building has three main atriums. The East and West atriums off Albert St. and Trillium pathway are large, inverted glass domes that reflect the sun’s position. The third atrium is a large glass dome that houses the main performance space, utilizing the direct noon sun. It is open-concept, celebratory, and unifying. Windows and balconies surround the upper levels, ensuring ample exposure throughout the building. Elevators are located on each floor and ramps wherever the terrain demands.

Adjacent to the East atrium is a double floor gallery accessed by a grand staircase which utilizes the morning light. The makerspaces surround the West end of the building and open to a large pavilion and outdoor performance space.

The upper floors house various studios, learning spaces and collaborative areas that are placed so each receives a different type of light exposure. Finally, the East and West sun terraces are relaxation spaces used for reflection and embracing the sun.