Author: Helen Wang

Home + Habit

Studio: ARCS 1105 – Studio 1

Professor: Piper Bernbaum

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

Composed of two diptychs, one representational and the other analytical, these images examine and narrate the distinctive qualities of a lifestyle limited to a single room. The plan and section attempt to reflect the habitual conditions of the studio space, preserving the unkept bed and the dynamic positions of the desk chairs, whereas the analytical diptych is used to compare and contrast the sensorial qualities of working in this setting against its realistic depiction. Although dominated by a massive window, the room is swallowed by darkness, eliciting fuzzy vision and obscure outlines which are visually communicated through graphite [in diptych 2.1]. The intense concentration attributed to study and studio culture is demonstrated through the absence of all objects and furniture aside from those in the figure’s line of sight. Ultimately, the habits of work and study are analogous to a modern day ritual, as the clock engraving encircles the figure, illustrating a lifestyle dictated by time. Conversely, the second piece of this diptych conveys the objective reality of the setting through precise linework and visual accuracy, but in conjunction, they form the multidimensional quality of this studio space.