Author: Isabel Sales


Studio: ARCS1105 – Studio 1

Professor: Piper Bernbaum

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

A tour around my space. Every fraction of my bedroom is occupied space. A single room carries my endless possessions and collections, it’s a retreat that holds my years of life, and temporary evidence to my existence in this moment. My occupied space in this world as documented through photographs provides insight into my phases and routine. In these pairs of drawings, diptychs rather, my most personal space was represented raw from observation and proceeded by a narrative analyzing my state of life given the circumstances of the pandemic. As the first diptych is a drafted documentation, the second diptych depicts a dissection of my space and time. A single room can be mentally divided into the elements of a home to create a personal sense of separation between spaces. Relative to this division of space, time can be broken-down and represented in size. Space is scaled in relation to one another corresponding to proportions of time passed in each area throughout a day. In this clearly occupied space where in current times I’ve passed substantial amounts of time without having to leave, a relationship and experience of space can be abstracted.