Author: Venus Chau

The Aftermath of Movement: An Analysis of Movement through Dust

Studio: ARCS 1105 – Studio 1

Professor: Piper Bernbaum

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

The Aftermath of Movement navigates habits within a workspace, the most common one being movement. Although it is often perceived through the moving person or object, this project presents motion through the remnants of this action. The first element used to express movement is dust. Although often overlooked, dust is everywhere and is always present wherever one goes. When given time to accumulate, it creates a layer over the surfaces that go untouched. Weightless and subtle, the dust offers a natural way of depicting movement. In contrast, weight is the other element used to illustrate the motion in the workspace. However, instead of highlighting the areas that have been left untouched, it portrays the immediate analysis of movement. Once the weight moves, no physical change remains in the workspace. The incorporation of these two elements introduces a reinterpretation of how motion is perceived.