Author: Sileo Cai

Of Home + Habit

Studio: ARCS 51105 – Studio 1

Professor: Piper Bernbaum

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

In this project, I first observed my room, which is also my work space more carefully and measured the dimensions of all the furniture many times. Before I did this project, I only observed and estimated the dimensions of these objects with the naked eye. During the measurement, I found that there are more details in the room than I expected, such as the bulge of the window sill, door frame, skirting, etc., all of which subtly affected my measurement results. When exploring the photo essay, I recorded the scenes I saw at different times of the day through the lens of my phone, then I tried to divide them into two parts, one is wearing glasses and the other is without glasses, and roughly recorded what was in my room. But this idea did not mature till the end, and finally this part became the most failed part of my project1.
In the process of painting, my living space constructed in my mind became more complete and vivid. In the analytical drawing part, I used two different ways to combine the two drawings to show the location of the room, the internal environment and the surrounding environment. I have tried to compare and connect the range that I can see with glasses and the range that I can see without glasses. The internal environment of the room represents the world of a myopia, and the combination of the internal and external environments is representing the clear world.