Author: Hassan Hannawi

Fall of the Righteous

Studio: ARCH 4002 – History of Canadian Architecture

Professors: Émelie Desrochers-Turgeon and Jorge Rivera Gutierrez

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

While deciding to make this comic in an attempt to show my personal connection towards the injustice that occurred over several decades in the Indian Residential School System. I wrote about this topic for my term paper and instead of making a video clip I wanted to share my ideas through drawings and narration. The themes from the term paper that led to this short story are Injustice, Colonization, and the idea that the blood of the innocent continues to shed for the gain of the privileged. I am personally a Lebanese male and all though I am greatly privileged with the blessings of health, education, and all of the other aspects of my life which I may take for granted at times, I will never forget who I am and the roots that helped mold me into the human being who writes to you this final message for this course. Coming from a deep Arabic heritage, Syria was once the home for all Palestinians and Lebanese as we were once one whole country. Like many other countries, Syria was invaded more than once in an attempt to conquer and gain control of the land. I wanted to make this comic to show that this is my way of relating to the subject I wrote about.