Authors: Andre Cusson and Alicia Koch

Culture Flow: Adaptive Reuse of the Scott-Wright House

Studio: ARCC 3302 – Conservation Studio 2

Professor: Lyette Fortin

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

The Wright-Scott House, a significant heritage landmark for its symbolic historical associations to the establishment of the Gatineau region, is currently removed from the city context; a result of its single occupant use. Culture Flow seeks to unite communities of all backgrounds in a universal fashion, while preserving the heritage value and character defining elements of the site. Thomas Kinkade states that “art transcends cultural boundaries,” therefore, through an inclusive design philosophy, an arts and culture center is being proposed in order to accompany the advancements of arts and culture in the area, as well as to address the disconnect between the site and the city. The multi-functional facility will provide opportunities for engagement as students of programs within the visual and performance arts, as well as audience members during student showcases on the exterior performance stage. The wave-like design, derived from Zibi, the Indigenous term for river, a significant feature in proximity to the site, intends to disrupt the current rigidity of the house’s Neo-Gothic style. New organic forms, as well as those resulting from the removal of interior walls with low heritage value, will increase occupant comfort when navigating the site, and compliment the intangible, free-flowing nature of the offered art forms.