Authors: Gavin Bailey, Jackson Flagal and Jacob Wilson

Current: A New Social Heritage

Studio: ARCC 3302 – Conservation Studio 2

Professor: Lyette Fortin

Year: Winter 2021

Project Description

The Wright-Scott House is located on the unceded territories of the Algonquin Nation and has an extremely rich history with their culture and traditions, acting as a portage route. Identifying this as a critical part of the historical heritage value, these routes will act as a catalyst of our interventions, centered on the themes of flow and connectivity. Using the passage through these routes that tied the Algonquin’s to the rest of the region, we hope to allow for paths through the house and site that emulate those movements. Furthermore, through our interventions, we will establish a clear link between the Parc de Portage and the Wright-Scott House, showcasing all aspects of historic heritage value. In addition, through its connection to the Wright and Scott family, it has significant ties to the history of the Hull/Gatineau area and its development through various business ventures, including brewing. The piping of the proposed brewery will represent the new connection the Wright-Scott House has with the developing neighborhood around it. Our interventions will compliment the N.C.C.’s work as well as the ZIBI Project by bringing the community together, encouraging social collisions and promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all.