Hemp, Cellulose, and Lime

Artist: Jesse Bird


This panel is a sample from a material research study by Jesse Bird in Carleton University’s CSALT Lab. The study focuses on the combination of four materials: hemp, cellulose, lime, and water, and their advantages in architecture.


While each of these materials is understood individually, recent academic and industry development have identified them as viable and versatile building blocks for construction. In addition, they are renewable, natural, and fully biodegradable alternatives that can help aid global building material shortages. 


Jesse Bird’s research utilized different combinations of recovered plant fibres processed into a specialized blend of nano-micro fibre cellulose (NMFC) to form an all-natural, moldable, structural material.


This panel uses a specific arrangement of each material to form a dimensionally stable block that requires no glues or adhesives. It is presented as a study of turning recovered plant fibres into durable and resilient building materials that reduce the need for virgin harvesting and contributes to the culture of material reuse and recycling.