CNC Carving in Black Cherry

Artist: Brant Lucuik 


This piece of black cherry, carved with simple circular designs using a CNC router, demonstrates that the process of making is not always from the beginning. A CNC router is a computer-automated tool that offers increased precision and complexity, which is difficult to achieve with a manual route. In creating the original piece, computer-aided designs (CAD) were translated into code readable by the machine. Then, the machine operator set the code, placed the black cherry on the device, and started the routing process. 


The design was originally done by an architecture student several years ago. The black cherry was left at the school and later repurposed by Brant Lucuik for the Quilt Wall. This section of a much larger piece of wood was chosen for its aesthetic quality and was cut to its current dimensions using a table saw. Finally, Lucuik added wooden sides to give the piece a finished character.