Roger Connah


Ruthin, UK. Visiting Professor, School of Art and Design, Guangdong University of Technology; International Chair, Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon. Teaching, exhibitions, films carried out over 4 decades in Finland, Sweden, India, Pakistan, Italy, USA, UK, Canada and China. Teaching:  Jyvaskyla University (Pedagogy & Art 1982-83); Helsinki University (Literature & Media: 1983-84); MCRC, Jamia Milia Islamia, Central University, Delhi (Mass Communications and Film 1986-88); National Institute of Design, (Ahmedabad, India 1986-87); Helsinki Art School/Helsinki Technical School of Architecture, 1996); Royal Fine Arts School Stockholm (Architecture 1997-98); School of Architecture, University of Texas at Arlington, (2001-2006); Carleton University, Ottawa (2009-2020), Associate Graduate Director (2010-2013); . Exhibitions: Kham (1987 IGNCA New Delhi), Shelter (with Gautam Bhatia, Hudco 1988), Satish Gujral Retrospective (1988), Nexus (NID, Amhedabad1987); Aaltomania (Helsinki, Oslo, Amsterdam 1997) Seven Famous Raincoats & A Moygashel (1984-85), Calligraphisms (Sushant, India 2019); My Mother as Samuel Beckett (Venice, 2021). Films: Drive (1992), 27 Minute Lies (1993), Take Five (1993), Aaltomania (1997), Involuntary Architecture (2005/2019), Pulping Detroit (2003, 2009); Sick City (2016). Earlier publications: Writing Architecture (MIT Press 1989); The End of Finnish Architecture (Helsinki 1992); K/K-  A Couple of Finns and some Donald Ducks – Cinema in Society (Edita 1993); Sa(l)vaged Modernism (Helsinki 1994); Tango Mantyniemi (Edita 1994); Grace and Architecture (Helsinki 1999); Welcome to the Hotel Architecture (MIT  Press 1999); How Architecture Got its Hump (MIT Press 2001); Aaltomania (Helsinki 2001); Finland (Modern Architectures in History (Reaktion Press, London 2005); Recent publications: The Rest is Silence –  Art and Society in Pakistan (Oxford University Press, Karachi 2013): The School of Exile – For or Against Theory  (Helsinki, 2015);  Being: An Architect, with Ian Ritchie (Royal Academy 2014)  Forthcoming: What’s Wrong with this Picture: Life or Architecture (2021); Selected Bias – Architectures of Thought (2021); 



Dip (ed) – Cambridge University

BA (Arch) – Bristol University


ARCH 1000 – Introduction to Architecture, 2009-2019

ARCH 5101 – Colloquium 1, 2012-2013

ARCS 5105|5106 – Graduate Studio

ARCU 4303 – Urbanism Studio, 2014

ARCS 4105 – Housing Unit Studio, 2015-2016

ARCU 2302 – Fundamentals of Urbanism, 2016

ARCS 4109 – Research and Criticism, 2013-2015

ARCN 5909 – DRS (MArch Thesis), 2011-2013, 2017-2019

ARCS 3107 – BAS Studio 5/3B, 2020 


Pedagogy, Mapping, Design & Deschooling Studies Arkkipedia: A Deschooling Compendium, (2009-2019) Connah/Rafeiro (2021) Data collection  and forthcoming publication. Pulp Architecture; the Texas Deschooling Years (2001-2006) Connah/Maruszczak (2022)a compendium of deschooling studios and associated seminars. Forthcoming publication. Ottawa You’re so Vanier: American Institute of Architects (AIA): Studio/Teaching – First Prize (2016) Design practice & collaborative pedagogy (2017-2020): Sushant School of Design, Ansal University; Rishihood University, School of Design, Sonipat, India; Lopez Design, India; Guangdong School of Art and Design, Guangzhou (Fashion Department).


Architects Co-Partnership (ACP) London (1973-74)

Raili and Reima Pietilä Architects, Helsinki (1974-86: 1989-1993) 

Heron-Mazy Studio with John Maruszczak – alternative studio practice Heron Mazy holds first place and honourable mentions from various international architectural and film competitions. See White House Redux (2008); Fairy Tales 1-3 (Blank Space, New York 2016-2018); Sick City (cf. Intellect Books, London 2018).

Art Director, Times of India, New Delhi (1988); Uusi Suomi, Finland (1984-85)

Art Practice: Helsinki 1982-85;  Raketa Art Group, Stockholm (2001-2008).

The Behn House, Son, Oslo (Architect) 2016

Zen Residence Design, Luang Prabang, Laos (with Luc Delorme) 2015-2016