Metamorphosis: Student videos on being changed by architecture school


First-year architecture students in Adriana Ross’s class, Introduction to Multimedia, produced one-minute videos last fall reflecting their “metamorphosis” during their first semester.  Last December, six videos were awarded “Oscars” in the following categories: Best Picture; Best Visual Effect; Best Soundtrack; Best Story and Screenplay; Best Scenography; and Best Film Editing. Here are the Top Six:

Title: Places
Student: Audrea Wat
Award: Best Picture
Statement: The video is meant to show the audience that each place you go becomes a part of who you are. Slowly over time, you grow into a different version of yourself, while still keeping who you are. Your experiences in life shape who you are as a person.

Title: School of Space
Student: Dulat Sargaskayev
Award: Best Visual Effect

Statement: The short movie was about my metamorphosis over the course in terms of understanding space. The main character (myself) goes to a school of space where he is constantly punished for unsuccessful attempts of recreating space. Eventually, the protagonist realizes that space can be found by erasing physical materials around him.

Title: The Studio
Student: Erika Colmenares
Award: Best Story and Screenplay
Inspired by The Office (U.S.), this mockumentary-style film focuses on capturing through humour, how a change can affect multiple people. In an interview setting, The Studio employees are given the opportunity to express their different reactions and explanations for the new addition in the studio space.

Title: Stir Crazy
Student: Jaya Linfoot
Award: Best Scenography
Stir Crazy addresses the all-too-familiar feeling of being stuck in a monotonous routine, as well as the desire to bring imagination and eccentricity into your life. Drawing on the artistic style of Wes Anderson, I used a muted colour palette, wide-angle shots, and music selection that is congruent with most of his films in order to illustrate this bizarre journey to freedom.

Title: Neutrality
Student: Jasmine Bergeron
Award: Best Soundtrack

Title: Lego Movie 3
Student: Hannah Robertson
Award: Best Film Editing