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Fall 2019

PhD Program in Architecture Illinois Institute of Technology

PHD LECTURE SERIES Architecture, History & Technology

Architecture in Conversation: Timely InterVIEWS Defining Matters of Research

Federica Goffi + CRIPTIC Co-Chair PhD Program, Associate Professor, Architetto (Italy), PhD

+ CRIPTIC Coordinators: Rana Abughannam & Émelie Desrochers-Turgeon

Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University

With the continued growth of PhD programs in architecture and the simultaneous broadening of approaches, InterVIEWS: Insights and
Introspection in Doctoral Research in Architecture (Routledge 2019) edited by Federica Goffi, begins a timely survey into contemporary
research at academic institutions internationally, in the context of the expanding landscape of architectural inquiry. This survey is conducted
through interviews with scholars who direct doctoral research programs in areas of architecture history and theory, theory and criticism,
design research, cross disciplinary research, and practice based research. InterVIEWS acknowledges the diversity in approaches to research to evidence meaningful differences and the range of contributions in academic institutions. The relevance of this self reflection becomes apparent in the exposition of vibrant and at times divergent viewpoints, that offer a thought provoking opportunity to consider the openness and breadth of a field that is unrelenting in redefining its boundaries along with the probing questions.

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