Photo Gallery: Year End Show

May 9, 2024

About 180 people attended the Year End Show on April 30, including alumni, practitioners, community partners, donors, students, parents, Carleton colleagues, faculty, staff and visitors.


The celebration featured 100 projects from this past semester by the graduating Class of 2024 in the Bachelor of Architectural Studies and the Master of Architecture programs.


Coordinated by Associate Professor Johan Voordouw, it was the first public year-end show of student work in a long time.


“Tonight is about celebrating the authors of these projects,” Director Anne Bordeleau said in her welcome remarks.

“You’ll see projects that tackle the health of our climate and climate change, projects created to critique, to reveal imbalances, to offer lessons, to look for tactful interventions, projects dedicated on to materials reuse, and others focusing on social and political realities,” Dr. Bordeleau said.


“This is the important work that we do as designers, urban thinkers, heritage practitioners, and architects,” she added.  “We make visible, we map, we draw, we model, we trace, we reveal, and ultimately, we put these ideas in images or in buildings.”


The Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism gratefully acknowledges the support of NEUF architect(e)s.