Ottawa Anti-Racism Strategy Workshop

March 1, 2024

Photo Credit: Luis Panchi Galvan

The school’s Action Lab, led by Associate Professor Menna Agha, together with CP Planning co-hosted a workshop on February 20 at the Architecture Building to address housing challenges faced by racialized communities. 


The purpose of the event was to bring together the racialized community in Ottawa to discuss, analyze, and collaboratively review housing-specific recommendations within the Ottawa Anti-Racism Strategy. 


It also sought to build on initial recommendations and support the city in addressing the diverse range of challenges with housing faced by racialized communities.


The workshop addressed the Ottawa Anti-Racism Strategy through three lenses: intersectionality, systemic barriers, and actions.


The attendees represented the 613-819 Black Hub, United Way, and Ottawa Community Benefits, in addition to activists, and members of Carleton University’s equity office.


Student volunteers from the school’s Diversity Working Group helped with the event.