Thesis Final Defence 2023

April 29, 2023

Master of Architecture thesis students made their final defence on April 24 and 25. Thank you to our guest critics: Barbara Kenda, Dr. Tammy Gaber, Claudine Déom, Alberto de Salvatierra, Christopher Romano, Jelisa Blumberg, Zannah Matson, and Fiona Lim Tung.

Click here to see the thesis abstracts and critic profiles.

Unearthing History, Memory, and Creativity: A Park in Ottawa for Artistic Production
Student: Shirley Chung | Advisor: Associate Professor Inderbir Riar
Dirt: Making with Contaminated Lands
Student: Ju Huang | Advisor: Associate Professor Sheryl Boyle
Neurodiverse Architecture: Reframing Early Childhood Learning Environment
Student: Argel Javier | Advisor: Professor Federica Goffi
Architecture of the Mosh Pit: Metal Music to Open the Urban Fabric
Student: Miriam Doyle | Advisor: Associate Professor Janine Debanné