Open Colloquium II

November 14, 2022

On Thursday, October 20 2022 at the Architecture Building, our biennial Open Colloquium Series returned with a national and international line-up of speakers from Montreal, Hong Kong, and London, UK. The Critical Respondents were:

Dr. Lisa Moffit, MArch Chair, ASAU

Dr. Sophia Psarra, Director, PhD Program, The Bartlett School of Architecture

Dr. Eunice Seng, Chair, PhD Program, Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong

Dr. David Theodore, McGill University, Director, Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture, McGill University

The Open Colloquium II Presenters were:


You can read about the ASAU Doctoral Program in Architecture & The PhD candidates and students presentations here.


The colloquium, organized by Prof. Federica Goffi, co-chair of the PhD and MAS program and chair of Carleton Research | Practice of Teaching | Collaborative (CR|PT|C) will be followed in the month of November by two interviews with Dr. Eunice Seng (UHK) and Dr. Sophia Psarra (The Bartlett) that explore strategies for research-led teaching, learning and practice.

About the Open Colloquia


The Open Colloquia is a series of biennial events that offer insights into ongoing research conducted in the school’s PhD program and invites experts, scholars, and professionals from across the world to share insights and feedback with ASAU doctoral students.


The Inaugural Colloquium was held at the ASAU in 2020. The critical respondent was Dr. Adam Sharr the Director of the School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape at Newcastle University, discusses the PhD by Creative Practice, established in the last decade at Newcastle, one of the oldest architecture schools in the UK. The event was completed with an InterVIEW with Dr. Sharr that you can find here. This interview continues the research on doctoral research begun with the publication of the book: InterVIEWS: Insights and Introspection in Doctoral Research in Architecture edited by Federica Goffi.

About ASAU PhD Program


ASAU’s PhD program in Architecture is distinguished by exploring individual research questions through diverse media that combine visual and textual research methods of scholarship and design.


The school’s PhD projects draw on faculty research interests and expertise, with attention to how these aesthetic, multicultural, cross-cultural, and professional forces have engaged the world at large through a diverse range of geographical conditions, political systems, and technological traditions.


Carleton’s PhD program is also enriched by research opportunities in the ASAU’s research labs.


The Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS), a center dedicated to state-of-the-art and hybrid forms of representation, provides an essential base for doctoral projects, along with the Carleton Research | Practice of Teaching | Collaborative (CRIPTIC), the Carleton Sensory Architecture and Liminal Technologies Laboratory (CSALT), and the Carleton Urban Research Lab (CURL), and the Architecture Action Lab.


The program further benefits from extracurricular activities such as a biennial Agora Symposium. The Agora Symposium II (Un)common precedents will be held in September 2023 at the ASAU.