Convocation 2022 — Reunion and Awards Ceremony

July 10, 2022

After two years of online ceremonies, the graduating classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 enjoyed the well-deserved opportunity to cross the stage at in-person convocation ceremonies. 


Spring Convocation for the 2020 and 2021 cohorts of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate architecture students took place on June 15. After receiving their certificates, they and their families came to the Architecture Building for a reunion and celebration. 


The 2022 cohort of students had their Spring Convocation on June 22, followed by a reunion and awards celebration at the Architecture Building. 


“Throughout your time here, you have shown comradery, adaptability, and ability to support one another and yourselves through, at times, unexpected challenges, and you have all succeeded,” Interim Director Federica Goffi told the graduates.  


“We as a school are truly pleased with your achievement, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have been on your educational path — a path that will continue beyond the academic world, through many forms of practice as well as additional academic studies in many cases,” said Dr. Goffi.  


“As you make your way into the world of architecture, conservation, and urbanism as well as other design fields, my wish for you is to have the opportunities to bring change by design, through compassion and inclusivity through and beyond architecture.”  

The 2022 class consisted of 75 Bachelor of Architectural Studies graduates, 46 Master of Architecture graduates, one Master of Architectural Studies graduate, and three Graduate Diploma in Architectural Conservation graduates. 


The school’s awards committee, comprised of Associate Professor Manuel Baez, Assistant Professor Piper Bernbaum, and Assistant Professor Menna Agha, announced the following awards. 



Ontario Association of Architecture Award 

Value $2,500 each. Awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate exceptional leadership through design excellence, combined with innovative approaches to sustainability in an assignment or project.  



Martha Woolfrey

Justin Li and Sideqa Haqani



Michael Russell Coote Memorial Award 

Awarded to promising students who have completed the first year of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program.  



Angelica Bradley 

Muneebah Sheikh 



Jacques & Helene Sabourin Memorial Scholarship 

Awarded to students showing the greatest proficiency in a course devoted to lighting for architecture.  



Martha Woolfrey 

Conor Nicell 



Nicholas C. Scolozzi Scholarship in Architecture  

Awarded to students who excel in the fourth-year design studio of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program.  



Kiara Bramao 

Vani Goel 

Tobia Graziani 

Dan Vu 

Bianca Hacker 

Ty Follis 



Gulzar Haider School of Architecture Award  

Awarded to undergraduate students with the highest grade in first-year studio.  



Jenna Deck 

Elisa Antunes 



CISC Excellence Award in Steel Design 


Value $3,000. Awarded to undergraduate students in the fourth year of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program or a graduate student in the Master of Architecture program, studying the use and design of steel structures. 



Lillian Gao 

Nadine Khatib 



Margaret Anne ‘Nan’ Griffiths Memorial Scholarship  

Awarded to outstanding undergraduate students, with preference given to students in the urbanism major.  



Aimerhodes Tablé 

Stella Park 

Steven Sum 

Noah Perkins 

Karin Friedman 

Baljot Jagdev 



Allan Buchanan Scholarships  

Awarded to outstanding students. 



Emma Monfette 

Sarah Mojeski 



Gil Sutton Award for Excellence  

Awarded to an outstanding student proceeding from third to fourth year of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program.  



Jaya Linfoot 



OAA Award for Exceptional Leadership Through Design Excellence EDI  

Value $2,500 each. Awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional leadership through design excellence combined with exemplary approaches to projects and/or assignments as they relate to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and/or Truth and Reconciliation.  



Sediqa Haqani 



RAIC Medal 

Awarded to the student with the highest GPA and/or strongest thesis. 



Daniel Dickson  


Nomination comment: A compelling thesis, beautifully written, contemplating architecture and the literary city, with a rigorous set of architectural drawings. 



RAIC Honor Roll 

Awarded to the top Master of Architecture graduates according to GPA. 



Sean Broadhurst  

Mira Burghed  

Melissa Fink  

Lorraine Okungbowa  



AIA Henry Adams Certificate of Merit + Medal 

Awarded to the Master of Architecture graduate with the second-highest GPA. 



Michael Jamieson  



OAA Guild 



Thompson Cong  


Nomination comment: Thompson’s thesis, Offerings and Inheritances: Reconstructing Family Altars for Queer Vietnamese Kin, is an incredible analysis and reflection upon architecture as an offering – discussing identity, loss, grief, and belonging within the everyday places we inhabit and the rituals we make. Thompson’s work was wonderfully thoughtful and has given a voice to marginalized individuals within urban space. He was an outstanding student to work with and deserves recognition for this original and important piece of work in the field.