Dr. Menna Agha discusses Nubian heritage and design and spatial justice research in podcast

March 23, 2022

The InterVIEWS ASAU podcast series, presented by the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, invites the school’s faculty to offer their perspective on doctoral research in architecture.  


In this interview, Dr. Menna Agha, assistant professor at the Azrieli School, reflects on her doctoral experience at the University of Antwerp and how her Nubian culture, heritage, and identity influence her research methods. She also speaks about her role and work in the recently established Design and Spatial Justice research area at the ASAU. 


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During the interview, Agha discusses her interest in decolonial theory and the methodologies and approaches to research that she has been pursuing in her work, including auto-ethnographic and reflexivity methods.  

In addition, she delves into questions of space, place, and imagination in Nubian culture through a decolonial lens, with particular attention to critical themes related to women, gender, and feminism. In the concluding part of the interview, she reflects on her diverse roles as architect, researcher, and teacher.


The podcast series is a project of the C R | P T | Collaborative |, formed by PhD candidates, PhD students, post-professional master’s students, and faculty at the ASAU. 


The interviewers, in order of participation, are: 

Dr. Federica Goffi CRIPTIC Chair, and PhD & MAS Program Co-Chair  

Warren Borg, PhD student  

Reem Awad, PhD student  

Ahmed Elsherrif, PhD student  

Stephanie Murray, MAS student  

Yu Zheng, PhD student