Dr. Federica Goffi participates in The Bartlett International Lecture Series and PhD Research Projects Conference

February 7, 2022

Federica Go, interim director of the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, has been invited to speak on February 23 at the Bartlett International Lecture Series, held by The Bartlett School of Architecture in London, England. 

The lecture is part of the program for The Bartlett’s annual PhD Research Projects Conference, taking place on February 22 and February 24. Dr. Goffi, co-chair of the Azrieli School’s PhD program, also participates in the conference as a critical respondent. 


Everyone is invited to watch the February 23 lecture, streamed live on The Bartlett’s YouTube channel at 18:00 GMT (1.00 pm ET). No registration is required.  


Goffi’s presentation is titled Time Scales: Sensing Time Through Architecture Media. (See the abstract below). 


She is one of four speakers who will present on the theme of scale in relation to their work and teaching practices. The presentations will be followed by a moderated discussion. The event will last 1.5 hours. 


Her fellow speakers are: 

Eunice Seng, founding principal of SKEW Collaborative, associate professor and chair of the PhD program in the Department of Architecture at The University of Hong Kong. 


Mari Hvattum, architect and architectural historian specializing in 19th and 20th-century architectural thinking, professor at Oslo School of Architecture and Design Norway. 


Igor Marjanović, the William Ward Watkin Dean of Rice Architecture in Houston, USA. 

Image: Micrograph of photosynthetic gametophytes by Alexandra Lacatusu

About Bartlett International Lectures – Spring 2022 


The Bartlett’s International Lecture Series welcomes experts, visionaries, and skilled professionals from across the world to share ideas and provide their unique insight. Every lecture explores, directly or indirectly, fresh strategies for research-led teaching, learning, and practice, as well as opening questions related to our built and un-built environment, discipline, and profession. The series aims to expose dierent modes and methodologies of design and design thinking to embrace urgencies, subtleties, and complexities of social, spatial, and environmental justice.

 About PhD Research Projects 2022 – Conference & Exhibition 


The conference, running across two sessions on 22 and 24 February, aims to ignite and encourage discussions between students, staff, guests, critics, and the public about research at The Bartlett. It can be followed online, and you can register here. 


The Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London is ranked the UK’s number one department for architectural research. The conference is organized by the PhD program’s directors, Professor Jonathan Hill and Professor Sophia Psarra, co-coordinator Dr. Sophie Read, and students Azadeh Zaferani and Tom Dyckhoff. 




Abstract of Dr. Federica Goffi’s presentation 


The transhistorical archival project of architectural media activates the potential for readings of representational media through inter-scalar temporal relations, nurturing multitemporal imagination. From this perspective, the reading of arch drawings and models is a slow intergenerational phenomenon. Where media dwell in relation to buildings past a time of building construction—whether in situ (original sites of knowledge construction: offices, buildings, etc.) or ex situ (off-sites of knowledge translation: museums, archives, etc.) — impacts their seminality and future translations. The re-readings of archival media are part of how we understand the socio-cultural and geo-political dimensions of projects and are an integral part of the project of architecture. Archivists, historians, scholars, curators, and architects engage in the collective process of multiple authorship through re-readings of architecture media over time operating critical reappraisals.