Azrieli School Student Wins Architizer Drawing Competition Award

September 28, 2021

Daniel Dickson, a Master of Architecture student at Carleton University, has received a Special Mention Award in an international drawing competition held by the online platform Architizer.


His drawing, Respatializing the Bookspace of Fahrenheit 451, was the only winner from Canada in the 2021 One Drawing Challenge.


See it online HERE.


The third annual One Drawing Challenge dared entrants to capture a compelling story about architecture and its inhabitants in a single drawing. 


Dickson completed the drawing at Carleton’s Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism in the Spring 2021 Option Studio, Architectural Authorship, led by Visiting Professor Neil Spiller.


The Architizer jury named two Top Winners and 10 Commended Entries.


It also awarded seven Special Mention Awards, one for each drawing type — plan, section, elevation, perspective, axonometric, sketch and abstract.


Dickson’s drawing won for the “Most Original Elevation.”


“These drawings were selected for publication due to their exceptional originality in terms of concept, production techniques, and storytelling qualities,” says Architizer.

Accompanying Text by Daniel Dickson


Do we maintain the time to learn from and to dissolve into words, to consider critical reservoirs of knowledge, to uncover prospective framings of the future? Surrounded by the din of globalized new media – of parlour wall streaming video, viral pictorial puns, virtual bedroom conferencing – we are due a rereading of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.


The following drawing uses the novel-as-site, liberally spatializing while investigating the temporalities transfused via the specific medium of the book. In a perspective-elevation, ‘Book People’ wander through a forest of fragmented virtual stacks, re-calling and re-activating the shelves with our collective narrative. In turn, they examine tragedy – the pandemics, the burnings, the intolerances – and our capacity to learn – through compromise, through empathy, through rebuilding. After all, the stories we write, read, and tell are the legs for the stories we create.