Winners of the 2021 Federation of Chinese CPEF Award in Architecture

The Federation of Chinese CPEF Award in Architecture is an annual $1,500 award that goes to one or more outstanding students in the fourth year of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree. Eligible students have completed the fall semester housing studio and demonstrated design excellence in their project, with particular attention to the social and cultural aspects of building.

The 2021 prize recognizes two projects. Each receives $750.

Uprise Housing, by Clarisse Miranda and Salomé Teran, proposes a housing development for a site at Fisher Avenue and Meadowlands Drive in Ottawa with 1,200 units and multiple amenities.

“Our design concept is that of a ‘Dragon Tail,’ which involves a point tower facing towards Fisher Avenue and stepped buildings that decrease in height moving westward,” they write. “The buildings wrapping around our site create a courtyard in the middle, consisting of a playground, a community garden, and gathering areas for the residents. The design is a pedestrian and environmentally friendly project where walkways and vegetation are incorporated everywhere, from the courtyard park to the roofs of the housing buildings.”

Uprise Housing by Clarisse Miranda and Salomé Teran

Tremblay Piazza, by Khadija Waheed and Basi Bassey, is a mixed-use residential project adjacent to the Ottawa Train Station that aims to attract visitors with its architecture and urban landscape.


“This urban infill encourages locals to visit the commercial and institutional spaces, as well as the pedestrian-friendly urban landscape,” they write. “This landscape is created through the area’s natural topography, which translates vertically and horizontally throughout the site. The aim is to create an urban space outside of the downtown core that will attract visitors to experience a community in this industrial area of Ottawa. The dynamic site welcomes communication and engagement by people of different demographics and interests.”

Tremblay Piazza by Khadija Waheed and Basi Bassey

The six professors and instructors who taught the fourth-year comprehensive housing studio selected the recipients. They are: Eric Archambault, Piper Bernbaum, John Cook, Benjamin Gianni, Kareem Mitchell, and Honorata Pienkowska.


The housing studio explored the redevelopment of three Ottawa sites:


• Parkwood Hills (Fisher Ave. and Meadowlands Dr.), with support from Minto Homes;

• Dustbane Site (adjacent to the Ottawa Train Station), in partnership with Colonnade BridgePort;

• Pinecrest Village (along Iris St., east of IKEA), in partnership with Ottawa Community Housing.