InterVIEW/LISTEN 2: PhD by Creative Practice


The InterVIEW/LISTEN podcast series, presented by the Azrieli School, surveys doctoral programs and research approaches around the world and fosters discussion on the nature of architectural research.

In this interview, Dr. Adam Sharr, the Director of the School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape at Newcastle University, discusses the PhD by Creative Practice, established in the last decade at Newcastle, one of the oldest architecture schools in the UK. 

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About 15 candidates have graduated in the PhD by Creative Practice, which is rooted in research by design or practice-based research and exists alongside more traditional PhD programs.

PhD students in the Creative Practice PhD question how architectural ways of knowing inform contemporary society, its practices, and culture at large.

This podcast series continues the research agenda of Prof. Federica Goffi’s book InterVIEWS: Insight and Introspection in Doctoral Research in Architecture, published in 2020 by Routledge.

The interview took place in March 2020 when Dr. Sharr visited the Azrieli School as the critical respondent for the Open Colloquium, organized by Prof. Goffi, co-chair of the PhD and MAS program.

The interviewers are Prof. Goffi, PhD students Nicolas Arellano Risopatron, Marco Ianni, and Kristin Washco, and MAS students Devon Moar and Amanda Lapointe. With guest, Adjunct Professor H. Taj Masud.