Winners of 2020 Marco Frascari Prize in Architecture

for Hand-Drawing


The Marco Frascari Prize in Architecture is awarded annually to graduate or post-graduate students who have demonstrated excellence in the practice of hand-drawing and have developed a critical understanding of the craft and role of hand-drawing in architecture. The prize was endowed in 2013 by Dr. David Azrieli in memory of Marco Frascari, former director of the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism.

Liane Lanzar

The jury said: “These process/composite drawings demonstrate the architectural drawing’s capacity for research – in this case about the object, the body, and the land.”

Mackenzie McLean

The jury was impressed with the tactility of this layered hand drawing, and its innovative interactive nature.

Scott Normand

The hand drawings’ archeological quality struck the jury as did their excellent craft, heuristic process, and lively attention to that which is ordinary and often overlooked.

Jesse Rafeiro

The jury said: “This work celebrates the architect’s sketching tradition. Imbued with a sense of scale, and capturing narrative beautifully, it certainly honours the late Marco Frascari.”