Author: Emily Bi, Victoria Broadfoot, Mathieu Kirchmayer and Nathan Jesik

Earl Armstrong Lands

Studio: ARCU 3304 – Urbanism Studio 2 

Professor: Jonathan Loschmann

Year: Winter 2020

Project Description

In order to build a supportive gateway to the Ottawa community, the Earl Armstrong Lands will be used to pilot a variety of new urban technology such as Drone Delivery. With the unique opportunity of an LRT station in the urban fridge, it will be important to prioritize connections to facilities with existing properties proximal to the Ottawa Transit schedule.

Through urban agriculture centers, active recreational facilities, passive parkland, hiking trails, cyclist networks, and a variety of social infrastructure such as a library complexes, artist studios, and an Elderly care center, the Earl Armstrong Lands will support the local community and attract an international audience using its access to the Ottawa International Airport.