Author: Haotian Jiang

The Altitude

Studio: ARCS 5032 – MArch 1 – Studio 2

Professors: Zachary Colbert and Stephan Kowal

Year: Winter 2020

Project Description

The Altitude tries to assist the adaptation of refugees to the local life in Barcelona by downscaling major lifestyle factors into compact spaces. Important cultural nodes such as the outdoor market, night life, and a distinct building block style are gathered to develop symbiotic relationships with existing cultures brought by inhabitants. In this manner, people who reside in the Altitude can have a smoother, non-aggressive integration into Spain’s unique lifestyle.

The two sites both contain two major buildings typologies– each designed with a variety of units to promote social interaction within distinct spaces. Through major circulation cores extending into enclosed gallery access, an inviting and clean access leads the way to a comfortable unit. 

The exterior composes of the market, skywalk and courtyards to allow public, semi-public and private social engagements. To increase privacy and uniformity, the façade consists of both rigid and movable panels, but both including components that facilitates light. The skywalk connects all four buildings and the community center together to further develop the harmony between transition and anonymity.