Author: Jacob Wilson

Future Ruins: Xeric Rift Valley

Course: ARCN 2105 – Comp Modelling and Form Analysis

Professor: Connor O’Grady

Year: Winter 2019

Project Description

This project is an imaginative composition that explores ways to represent culture and architecture. Using various modes of representation, and the work of Jackson Flagal and Gavin Bailey, the final manual of the Xeric Rift Valley was created. The design project is the culmination of numerous small tasks assigned throughout the term, and required regular posting on a reflective Tumblr journal. The intent of the project was to design a technological outpost situated in an imaginative futuristic landscape. The draft of an emergent landscape was created using a swatch of actual land. Topographic lines were traced to form a three-dimensional representation of the scene. Then, shrinking the focus to a smaller scale, digitally fabricated elements were introduced weekly. Bridges, pavilions and walkways were modelled to create elements of circulation. Historic ruins were modelled into the terrain to enhance the narrative further and provide a site for the resulting design of the Extremophilla Research Outpost. The various posts on Tumblr included assignment reflections, inspirational images, iterative sketches and the required weekly tasks to allow others to engage and follow with the creative process.

The course and the incremental Tumblr posts provided many opportunities to create, change and remove elements from the narrative that would support the imaginative design of the research outpost.