Author: Amani Hamzeh & Denise Cenina

Building in the City

Studio: ARCU 2303 – Fundamentals of Urbanism

Professor: Ben Gianni 

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

This project proposes a city layout that includes a detailed design of a set of plazas and a park. Using similar forms and shapes, the two spaces become a network. Each design choice intentionally works with the irregularly shaped blocks and connects the plaza and the park to create a sense of relation.

The plazas are located in the center of the city. However, they are split into four spaces and connected through a similar design on all four sides. Using the tear shape to show interconnectedness, it is used as an LRT station, amphitheatre, and a café. The plazas have grass and tiles placed in a pleasant way to encourage pedestrians to interact with the space. Lastly, trees are evenly planted around the plazas to promote greenery within the city.

Due to its location in a mainly residential area, the park presents serene views for residents to have on all sides. Despite it being on a regularly shaped block, it incorporates curved and irregular forms to break up the monotony of straight grids and provide a sense of flow. In its organization, there are versatile uses, materials, and textures to make the park diverse.