Author: Cameron Steiner & Noah Perkins

Metro Flora

Studio: ARCU 2303 – Fundamentals of Urbanism

Professor: Ben Gianni 

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

Metro-Flora analyzes a hypothetical neighbourhood requiring a density target of six-hundred people per hectare. The neighbourhood aims to redefine the boundaries of nature within cities and thoughtfully considers the views inside commercial and residential spaces. The public spaces bring the city to life while implementing a healthy balance of several greenspaces, public plazas and an outdoor market to support local businesses.

At the core of the neighbourhood is a tram stop in the center of the largest park, which creates a hub for pedestrians to disperse outwards in the given space. This space is surrounded by commercial buildings and pathways to other parks to give pedestrians diversity in the urban landscape. The connection to the rest of the city was carefully considered, pedestrian-only pathways such as bridges and walkways were designed to link both parks to each other via the market.

The western park was created to provide the surrounding apartment blocks with an interconnecting greenspace which creates a view for the buildings encompassing the park. The green landscape contains a winding stream of water that invites pedestrians to the central plaza in the heart of the greenspace, and continuing further south leads people towards the waterfront..