Author: Saman Soltani

The New Edge: High-Rise Urban Foresty Workshop

Studio: ARCS 5104 – MArch Studio 1 – Gateway

Professors: Paul Kariouk and Lisa Moffit

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

Situated between the natural Ottawa River and the highly urbanized edge of Hull’s Portage complex, “The New Edge” is a high-rise urban forestry workshop that intends to create a mediating boundary between the urban edge and the existing ecotone landscape.

To do so, the project creates transitional moments within and around the building that circulate visitors from Rue Laurier street to the park and the river shore. The large span bridges are used as thresholds to provide primary and secondary entrances to the building while adding a streetscape edge to Rue Laurier. The forestry landscape engages with the existing site’s infrastructures as momentary thresholds that circulate visitors within outdoor forestry programs.

The other significant step of the project is creating a public ground that invites active and passive visitors to enjoy activities such as gardening, workshops, and exhibitions while passing through the building and making their way to the park.