Author: Michael Jamieson

Seed-Forestry Institute: Forestry Research Facility in Gatineau Quebec

Studio: ARCS 5104 – MArch Studio 1 – Gateway

Professors: Maria Denegri and Jerry Hacker

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

The aim of the Seed Forestry Institute is to connect seamlessly with the voyager pathway, and to create more meaningful connections between Rue Laurier and the National Capitol Commission Park below. This was achieved by utilizing the landscape strategy to become an educational leg of the NCC Path. Furthermore, when passing between Rue Laurier and the park below, the buildings circulation strategy of interior greenhouse & research pods surrounded by public circulation allows for an educational exhibit for both active and passive users who can pass through much of the building without disturbing any of its internal functions.

The mat building typography and unembellished exterior form is used to achieve a quiet architecture. This is in response to multiple attempts at utopian developments and forceful master planning that has historically been imposed on the area and its residents. Just across the street is the controversial Place Du Portage complex carried out in the 1970’s which eliminated much of Gatineau’s original downtown core and displaced thousands of residents and businesses.