Author: Vivian Zhang

Garden Home on the Bank

Studio: ARCS 5031 – MArch 1 – Studio 1

Professors: Zachary Colbert and Suzanne Harris-Brandts

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

Garden Home On The Bank is a long-term care facility nursing house for the elders to have a better service life, especially during the pandemic time. Garden Home is been divided into two main programs, the lower levels are serving more with public and the upper levels are more private for residences uses. There will be nurse station and consultation room on each residential level, so each floor can be lock down as an independent level, the window visit for each unit can allow them to united with their children, which provide a warm and cozy feeling in the building even during the pandemic, not only the time of Covid-19, but all the other special period. The speciality of the Garden Home is that in any place within the building you can see the light well and the centre garden, the glass curtain walls can allow sufficient sunlights shine all the green space and your heart as well. Garden Home also has all the function rooms for elders and youths such as multi-purpose room for large gathering, learning media room for elders to catch up the fashions, children’s music centre for their grand children to stay have fun and being more time with them. The two main staircases not only create a unique shape of beauty but functionally allows elders to have more exercises when they feel like they need to.