Author: Goce Stojanoski and Alex Yang

Pinecrest Village

Studio: ARCS 4105 – Studio 6

Professor: Eric Archambault

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

Neighborhoods change overtime, this is inevitable. However, going forward revitalization projects need to focus on preserving the culture, diversity and natural elements that already inhabit the land, as it are those factors that make a community. If we do not incorporate the new built form into the existing roots of the community, we risk driving out the very people who called this place home. Through this project we focused on social and market housing by utilizing two mid-rise developments. The exterior design of both buildings are similar to provide a sense of unity and to limit any disparity between the social and market buildings. Given the ongoing restrictions related to the pandemic, we felt it was more important than ever for residents to have outside space. Therefore, while not required for the social housing units, we designed a balcony system that could be built into the costs restraints. The greenery and nature that was present is preserved and its location shaped the layout of the new community development. The focus on a human scale urban design is to help make a walkable space that encourages people to go outside and brings people together. This helps instill a sense of community where those who used to live in the community will want to and can afford to stay.