Author: Victoria Broadfoot and Emily Lalonde

Traverse Community: Nepean Housing Redevelopment Proposal

Studio: ARCS 4105 – Studio 6

Professor: Benjamin Gianni

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

Traverse Community is a housing redevelopment proposal for Nepean, Ottawa. The development, located at the intersection of Fisher Avenue and Meadowlands Drive, is designed to increase density while also creating engaging urban spaces for the community. The project features a green corridor, with walking paths and bike lanes, that stretches across the site, connecting residents to a variety of outdoor programs. This avenue of amenities is woven into the fabric of the site, establishing spaces that cater to a diverse range of demographics and which thus foster community building. The development is designed to be cohesive, using a distinctive language of articulated facades for both unity and functionality. This articulation creates private interior and exterior spaces for each residential unit, allowing for spaces of repose. Furthermore, each building has a communal rooftop terrace that emphasizes the community-centric concept that inspired the development’s design. At its core, Traverse Community is an urban development that provides spaces for residents to move, connect and rest.